We are new but experienced


Discover The Essence of Denmark with Ophelia Tours

Welcome to Ophelia Tours, your gateway to the scenic and historical riches lying in the verdant expanses beyond Copenhagen. With us, you delve into the heart of rural Zealand, embarking on a journey that intertwines the beauty of Denmark’s landscapes with the tales of its past.

Who We Are

We’re a tight-knit team of enthusiastic guides, captivated by Denmark’s rich tapestry of history, especially as it interlaces with the broader narrative of Scandinavia. Our approach is engaging and informative, blending factual storytelling with intriguing twists that keep the tales alive and enthralling. You can delve deeper into the stories of our guides in the ‘Meet Your Guide’ section.

Our Mission

Beyond merely earning a living, we cherish the connections we build with visitors to Denmark. Our goal is to immerse you and your fellow adventurers in the captivating blend of history and culture that defines the Kingdom of Denmark.

The Ophelia Tour Experience

Our tours are intimate, conducted in small excursion buses designed to foster a cozy atmosphere. With a maximum capacity of 15 guests plus the driver, each journey becomes a personal affair. The buses are equipped with modern comforts including air conditioning, heating, and a built-in loudspeaker system to keep you informed and comfortable as we traverse the Danish countryside.

While we venture out, refresh with non-sparkling water and keep fresh with provided napkins. Seating arrangements are flexible, with the option of reserving your seat to ensure your comfort or embracing the chance to bond with a newfound friend.

Please note, our buses are not wheelchair accessible and may not be suitable for individuals with severe mobility impairments. Additionally, storage space is limited, so it’s advisable to carry only small handbags or backpacks.