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Terms of business

Due to substantial walking, approximately 10,000 steps. And the presence of stairs, including spiral staircases in medieval castles, cobblestone-covered streets, and walkways. Individuals With walking impairments, slow walkers, or those using a cane for more than just security are advised against choosing this tour.

PLEASE note, that all tours and all specific times follows Central European Time.

And the EU, which Denmark is a part of has Daylight Saving Time.

Tour purchase and booking

  • Book now, pay and get confirmation.
  • Confirmation must be no later than three days before the booked date.
  • Tour is only fully booked when paid, and confirmation has been received together with withdrawal from your credit card or other means of payment.
  • For non-prebooked seating. Seats will be assigned where they are free in the bus.
  • Seat must be booked together with your general tour booking. Secondary seat booking is unfortunately not available.
  • Information regarding the pickup will be sent to your email two days before the confirmed tour date. Please be aware that this email will be used for your booking.
  • Pickup point will be confirmed or instruction for pickup and other important last-minute information will be received by email. The same email as customer used for booking at online services.
  • Advice for booking.
    • Use an email that can be access in Denmark.
    • Only register phones that can be answered in Denmark.
      • WhatsApp and Skype is also a possibility for being contacted by Ophelia Tours.
    • Use the same name for booking as for all other contact information also for hotels in case there is a need to contract you during your stay.
  • This tour may not be suitable for everyone, as some aspects require significant physical activity and may not be fully accessible for individuals with walking disabilities. Please read Disclaimer under Section Accessibility.
    • PLEASE be advised: Failure to respect and comply to the information provide in the section Accessibility on Disclaimer, could lead to refused access to a booked and paid tour at pickup.

Cancellation and refund

  • Refund of booked and paid tour can be received upon confirmed cancelation, no later than 0900 CET the day prior to tour start.
  • Cancelation must be either through the site where the customer has purchased the tour or directly email to Ophelia Tours.
  • Delay of means of transportation, hotel booking discrepancies, failure to receive/read or getting in contacted with Ophelia Tours office or misunderstanding pickup information send on the email on which the tour was originally booked will not be the cause of refund after the deadline of cancellation, 0900 CET the day before tour.
  • Refund will generally be in the same currency as the tour was booked paid in. For details, please contact the site where you booked and paid the tour.
  • Allow for 3 bank days and be aware that local bank holidays might delay refund.
    • Should you not receive your refund, first contact the site where you booked and cancelled the tour. Secondly, if advised or in vain please do not hesitate to contact Ophelia Tours.
  • Should the tour be cancelled by Ophelia Tours entirely or cut short due to vehicle of staff issues a full refund is granted.

Carry on.

  • The bus and bus driver are not able to handle general traveling luggage.
  • Large bag pack, of a dimension larger than small handbags, is regarded as general travelling luggage and therefore not accepted on the tour.
  • Small handbags and camera bags is of course welcome. But restricted to one per customer.
  • Food and beverages are generally not allowed on the bus, excepted if offered and permitted by the bus driver.
  • The bus not cable storing handle rollators or similar means of walking aids. And drivers do not have the relevant permitted assist or handle such devices.
    • Walking canes for support and comfort is of course allowed when they can be stowed away where the customer is seated.
  • Mobile devices are allowed on the bus and can be used on the bus if kept silence and not disturbing the other customers and driver/guide while seated in the bus.
    • Charging access on the bus might be limited.

Pickup and tour Information:

  • Pickup times and locations will be communicated via email (the one used for booking the tour) no later than 48 hours before the booked, paid, and confirmed tour.
  • Be ready five minutes before scheduled pickup time outside your hotel or at other designated pickup point according to received email.
  • Additionally, you will be encouraged to join the tour’s individual QR group code for real-time updates during the tour.
  • Due to the tight schedule of this full-day tour, it is crucial to adhere to the timetable presented by our guide. Deviations from the schedule may result in adjustments to accommodate the closing hours of the attractions.
  • Expect to take around ten thousand steps during this tour, providing a good cardio exercise. With a mix of walking on cobblestones, slight inclines, and old winding medieval stairs, only the very hardcore will head for the gym at days end. Individuals with minor walking issues can find designated rest areas while the rest of the group continues the tour.
  • For a more personal experience in a safe and relaxed atmosphere, the tour group will consist of no more than 15 guests all seated in our minibus where you can book your preferred seating.
  • To fully enjoy the tour, it is recommended for guests to understand English, as the tour is guided in English only.

Advice on “dress-code”

  • Get the right clothing for the day. As the Danes say, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing!”
  • Check the weather forecast. As we will be both inside and outside on tour.
  • And a must is wearing shoes that are fit for walking.

Insurance, policies, and local laws

  • For non-EU citizens, please be advised that local and EU laws and regulation can be a lot different for covering liabilities for damages and loss of property or even injurie then what the customer is used to from country of origin.
  • Accessing and entering sites and taking tour no matter of guided or on you own. That will result in loss or damage to property or injurie generally not of concern to the sites and service provider under Danish and EU legislation.
  • Ophelia Tours operates under Danish laws and complies to these. Should these deviate from customers country of origin it is on no concern or responsibility to Ophelia Tours. This also includes any information provided by online sites where their tour has been booked or paid.
  • Any legal cases raised against Ophelia Tours will be handled in Danish court under Danish law.

Ophelia Tours can be contacted on these.

Phone: +45 3696 9333



Email: info@opheliatours.com

Please be advised that Ophelia Tour’s Office is not manned 24-7.

Opening hours between 0800 and 1400, Monday to Friday

On national holidays and weekends opening hours is 0800-1000