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Purchase and booking

  • Ophelia Tours cannot be held responsible for:
    • Limited access to internet or failure of this or phone connections.
    • Failure of email servers or system break downs for electronical communication.
    • Lack of understanding communication provide in English (or other choice of language) between customer, online booking sites or information automatically generated during or after booking online.
    • Any mistake or misunderstanding of cancellations police for online sites where the tours are booked and paid.
    • Failure or mistakes on online booking sites that might cause the customer to miss the tour.
    • Weather or climate condition locally for the tour or from where the customer originate or travel through that might cause the customer to miss the tour.
    • Other terms of business for banks or money transfer services, online services, national laws, and regulations, that can affect payment, refund or currency exchange rate, which could delay or hinder payments.


  • Failure to arrive at designated pickup point, as describe in pickup information email, might cause the customer to miss the tour.
  • The bus will not wait and cannot be expected to wait for individual customers that might be delayed. As delays can cause the tour at specific sites to be reduced to adherence to the sites opening hours. Thereby other customers might lose their expected time at the sites for fully paid tour.

The tour

  • Ophelia Tours cannot be held responsible for any temporary fully or limited closure of the sites visited.
    • If a site is entirely closed for the day and the tour cannot be rearranged around this, the full ticket prize for this site is refunded.
  • The sites are not solely available for the tour booked. There will be other visitors, guides, and possible arrangement at the site that some people might find disturbing during the visit.
  • As well as Ophelia Tours guide will have to accommodate for above during a guided tour.
  • Some sites might be in use for its original purpose. And this will affect the tour at the site.
  • The tour is subject to change even on the very day of the tour due urgent closures or use of the sites to be visited.
  • In general, Ophelia Tours drivers are instructed to follow the schedule and focus on the majority of the groups experience through the tour. This might cause inconvenience and leave certain individuals with a lesser feel of service, due individual behavior,
  • Loss or damages to personal belongings, during the tour of the sites, guided or not, or walking and exploring sites or cities on own hand, is not covered by Ophelia Tours.
  • Personal items(belongings) carried on the bus is not covered by Ophelia Tours for loss or damages.

Food and beverages

  • For choice of lunch or other food and beverage venues, Ophelia Tours is not liable for seating space, service, quality, or location.
  • For food and beverages, please be aware that vegan menu, religious food preferences, coffin free/reduced, lactose or gluten-free products is not common by all venues in Denmark.
    • Always ask the venue if this is you within your requirement.
  • Food and beverages are generally not allowed on the bus, excepted if offered and permitted by the bus driver.

Carry on.

  • Personal items(belongings) carried on the bus is not covered by Ophelia Tours for loss or damages.
  • Ophelia Tours are only liable for damages, loss, or injuries under Danish Transportation laws for incident occurring during the customers presents in or near bus as defined in Danish Transportation laws. This covers both individuals and their belongings.
  • Customers with carry on, that damages the vehicle or other customers, and their belongings is liable to cover these damages or injuries if not cover under Danish Transportation law.

Lost and found.

  • Personal belongings lost during the tour in the bus can generally be retrieved the following tour day at the stop by Hotel Astoria by the Central Station.
  • Items found in the bus after tour will be retained by Ophelia Tours for 5 to 7 days and then, depending on estimated value or if clearly of sentimental value, will be hand over to local public lost and found services. Items not within this scoop will be disposed of.
  • Personal belongings lost at the sites. Please contact appropriate site for reclaim.

Guidelines on the tour

  • It is the Guide and Bus drivers’ responsibility to ensure the tour is exercised within Danish Laws.
    • Though certain aspect of Danish laws and compliance to this is solely the individual’s legal responsibility and therefore not driver, guide, Ophelia Tours, or online agencies liability.
  • Guide and Bus drivers’ instruction must be respected and follow. Failure to comply could lead to the individual being disembark.
  • On the bus during the tour please allow for your fellow travelers to enjoy the tour, therefore don’t speak with a loud voice or across the vehicle or use phones and electronical devices with volume while the bus is driving between sites.
  • Be respectful to your fellow traveler and treat those as you, yourself would like to be treated.
  • At the sites generally the excepted items are not to be touched.
    • If in doubt, ask the Guide or site staff.
  • At the site guidelines and signs must be completed to. Failure to do so, could lead to individual or the group being expelled from the site.
    • In above situation no refund will be granted to either individuals or the group.
  • The Guide and Bus driver or at the sites, might present issues or historical fact or actions, depictions, or ornaments, that might not be politically correct nowadays or in line with modern days view of human or animal treatment. And to some individuals this could be regarded as offensive.
    • Please bear in mind that this is sometime just historical facts or cultural perceptions which do not represent a lack of respect or disregard for human or animal’s rights, political or religious point of view.
  • If you find yourself offended by what is said or seen during the tour. Do not hesitate to ask the Guide or Bus driver for elaboration on the specific topic.


  • All sites and the vehicle used for transportation complies with Danish Laws.
  • Due to substantial walking. Approximately 10,000 steps, and the presence of stairs, including spiral staircases in medieval castles, cobblestone-covered streets, and walkways. Individuals with walking impairments, slow walkers, or those using a cane for more than just security are advised against choosing this tour.
  • The customer must be aware, that there are challenges to access the sites as these represent the period of their construct’s technology and design. Which often leave something to wish for in our time and standards.
    • Should this provide obstacles for the customer to access or follow the guided tours, it is not the duty of the guide to accommodate to this if this will cause a general delay of the schedule at the specific site. So please be aware that in such cases the customer might be advised to wait a designated location or advised to access the site on own hand with a specific time and location for rejoining the group within the time scheduled for the site.

Wheelchair, Walking Frame, or Rollator Users:

  • Individuals relying on a wheelchair, walking frame, or rollator are strongly discouraged from selecting this tour. The nature of the sites and the tour may not accommodate these mobility aids. And the driver reserves the right to refuse participation.
    • No refund will be granted in such cases.
  • We prioritize the safety and comfort of all participants, and we appreciate your understanding in adhering to these recommendations. If you have specific concerns or inquiries, please feel free to contact us for information.

Limited Visibility or Blindness:

While we welcome individuals with visual impairments on the tour, please ensure you bring your own seeing accompanying guide, as our guides may not be able to provide direct assistance.