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Disclaimer – important information

Not Suitable For:

This tour may not be suitable for everyone, as some aspects require significant physical activity and may not be fully accessible:

Limited Visibility or Blindness:

While we welcome individuals with visual impairments on the tour, please ensure you bring your own seeing accompanying guide, as our guides may not be able to provide direct assistance.

Mobility Challenges:

Due to substantial walking, approximately 10,000 steps, and the presence of stairs, including spiral staircases in medieval castles, cobblestone-covered streets, and walkways, individuals with walking impairments, slow walkers, or those using a cane for more than just security are advised against choosing this tour.

Wheelchair, Walking Frame, or Rollator Users:

Individuals relying on a wheelchair, walking frame, or rollator are strongly discouraged from selecting this tour. The nature of the sites and the tour may not accommodate these mobility aids, and the driver reserves the right to refuse participation. No refund will be granted in such cases.

We prioritize the safety and comfort of all participants, and we appreciate your understanding in adhering to these recommendations. If you have specific concerns or inquiries, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Important Information:

Pickup times and locations will be communicated via email no later than 48 hours before the booked, paid, and confirmed tour. Additionally, you will be encouraged to join the tour’s individual QR group code for real-time updates during the tour.

To fully enjoy the tour, it is recommended for guests to understand English, as the tour is guided in English only.

For a more personal experience in a safe and relaxed atmosphere, the tour group will consist of no more than 15 guests all seated in our minibus where you can book your preferred seating.

Due to the tight schedule of this full-day tour, it is crucial to adhere to the timetable presented by our guide. Deviations from the schedule may result in adjustments to accommodate the closing hours of the attractions.

The tour is fully guided at two sites (Kronborg and Roskilde Cathedral). At the other two locations, a brief introduction will be provided, allowing you to explore the site at your own pace.

Expect to take around ten thousand steps during this tour, providing a good cardio exercise. With a mix of walking on cobblestones, slight inclines, and old winding medieval stairs, only the very hardcore will head for the gym at days end. Individuals with minor walking issues can find designated rest areas while the rest of the group continues the tour.

Please be aware that the tour sequence may be subject to change due to seasonal opening hours or non-public events at the locations, primarily affecting Kronborg Castle and Roskilde Cathedral.

Advice on “dress-code”

Get the right clothing for the day. As the Danes say, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!”

Check the weather forecast. As we will be both inside and outside on this tour.

And a must is wearing shoes that are fit for walking.

Tour confirmation and pickup

Book now, pay and get confirmation.

Confirmation must be no later than three days before the booked date.

Free cancellation until CET 0900(am) the day before your planned tour.

Information regarding the pickup will be sent to your email two days before the confirmed tour date. Please be aware that this email will be used for your booking.

Be ready five minutes before scheduled pickup time outside your hotel.